• $13.00

    This CD, a collaboration between the Museum of Danish America (then The Danish Immigrant Museum) and producer Jonathan David Neal, was made in the hopes ...

    • $12.00

    I Myrens Tegn by Esben Langkniv

    • $14.95

    Some of Glenn Henriksen's most requested pieces for solo piano including Alley Cat, Last Date, Sweet Georgia Brown, Blue Moon, and many more!

    • $14.95

    Solo piano performed by Glenn Henriksen, Museum of Danish America board member. 20 ballads for relaxation.

    • $19.95

    Original solo piano arrangments of traditional Danish hymns and songs by Glenn Henriksen, Museum of Danish America board member.

    • $29.95

    This four-disc DVD set contains the entire fifth season of the popular 13-part Public TV series with the charismatic Danish host Claus Meyer. Claus brings ...

    • $35.00

    Songs from Denmark: A Collection of Danish Hymns, Songs and Ballads in English Translation. Book edited by Peter Balslev-Clausen

    • $34.95

    • $25.00

    Sange for Danskere, Songs of Denmark, Songs to Live By. A Danish American Heritage of Music compiled by Joy Ibsen with photographs by Sisse Brimberg....

    • $14.95

    "The Simple Gift of Walnut Grove" is a documentary about the life of an early 20th century Danish immigrant named Hans Hansen (1876-1953), as told by...

    • $32.99

    "Folk music is the music of everywhere and everyone. Like rivers, the melodies and dances have flowed slowly from region to region: Whenever an old fiddler ...