• $102.00

    Put me in a window. Splashes of color will come into your room like magic. The light will shine through the colored plexiglass and will play...

    • $47.50

    Reminiscent of how everything develops from nothing and disappears into nothing. 

    Design: Ole Flensted
    Size: 45 x 45 cm

    • $72.00

    Listening to Mozart, Ole Flensted was inspired to design this mobile nearly thirty years ago. A visual interpretation of the beauty of music notes on a ...

    • $37.50

    A simple, modern Christmasmobile. Two folding-over simple shapes create these elegant angels. The shadows of the wings smoothly touching the hearts and make these airy angels lighten...

    • $55.50

    The mobile moves gracefully with its five Viking ships, with full sails set for the foreign shores. From about the year 800 until 1050, the Vikings ...

    • $25.00

    • $18.75

    Poster of Shelby County businesses, attractions, organizations, and people. Now 25% off!

    • $38.00

    This limited edition poster was created in collaboration with Oxide Design specifically for the Skål! Scandinavian Spirits exhibition.This screen printed poster is printed...

    • $50.00

    Handblown glass from Sweden

    • $15.95

    "... "This is the life for me!" It cried out joyfully, spreading out its branches. Alas! They were all withered and yellow, and the tree lay in...

    • $15.95

    H.C. Andersen "Snedronningen."  

    "Kragen fløj op i et træ og slog med sine sorte vinger, så længe den kunne se Vognen, der strålede som det klare...