Andersen-Rasmussen Family

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Andersen-Rasmussen family reunion.

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Taken in the 1920s, this picture shows members of an extended family in Audubon County at a reunion, surrounding what seems to be the unidentified oldest family member (the gentleman with the beard sitting in a chair). Shown in the back row are: Anna Rasmussen (wife of Einar), Marie Molgaard (wife of John), Einar Rasmussen, holding daughter Dagny), Hjalmer Rasmussen and wife Gena, Kristine (Andersen) Knudsen, and Elina Bjorn. Middle row: Edel Rasmussen, Paul Bjorn, Johanne and Peter Lillehoj, Peder Andersen (visiting from Gable, Wyoming), Beulah Rasmussen (held by John Molgaard). Front row: Folmer Molgaard, Hans Christian Andersen (holding the son of Gena and Hjalmer Rasmussen), Selma Rasmussen, Elna Rasmussen, Vita Rasmussen, Cecilia Andersen (wife of Hans Christian), Eva Rasmussen, and Helga Rasmussen.

  • The Andersen-Rasmussen Family reunion.Photograph courtesy of Jeanette Lillehoj.

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