Christian Hansen and Katherine Christensen

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Christian Hansen & Katherine Christensen. 

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From two separate islands, Christian Hansen emigrated as a boy from Als in Sønderborg County in 1882, while his future wife, Katherine Christensen, came from Ærø in Svendborg County, in 1890. They were destined for a much drier future. 

The couple settled in the Brayton area following their marriage, where they attended the Oak Hill Danish Lutheran Church.
This photograph from 1929 was taken at the Hansen farm at the confirmation of two cousins, who are standing proudly in the front row. In the back row we see the couple’s eldest son, Albert Hansen; Mabel (Rasmussen) Hansen and husband, Harold Hansen; Martin Brown; Frank Hansen, the couple’s youngest son; Christian Hansen; middle row: Adelia (Andersen) Hansen; Harold Brown; an unknown relative; Meta (Hansen) Brown; Katherine Hansen; front row: Lyle Hansen; Harriet Brown; Margie Brown; Bernard Brown; and Donald Hansen.

  • Photograph courtesy of Frederik J. “Fritz” Hansen.

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