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A drivers Liscence (førerbevis) of Jørgen J.E. Pedersen, 1946.

2004.107.7 - Gift of Beverly Ertman

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A drivers liscense was previously called et førerbevis and is now called kørerkort. It can be applied for in Denmark by anyone over 18 though a drivers liscence for a traktor and a scooter can be had at 16.

To obtain a drivers liscence the applicant must first pass a theoretical test given at the police station. Today it is a written test while before it was an oral examination. The test is standard for all vehicles.

The applicant must then pass a practical test given by a sagkyndig (a police appointed examinor) most often a retired policeman.

A basic test entitles you to drive an ordinary car. You may then expand your drivers liscence with another test to include trucks or motorcykles.

In the case of Jørgen Pedersen he chose to expand his drivers liscense to car, motorcyckle and larger vehicles in this case a bus.

If traveling abroad in a country where the Danish drivers liscence (today the European drivers liscence) are not immidiately recognised it must be supplemented with an international drivers liscence.

International Drivers License of Olav Kirk.

2008.037.007- Gif of Leora Kirk in memory of Olav Kirk.

This is basically a small grey booklet wich contains a translation of the writing on the original drivers liscence and a stamp and signature from the local police or (today) other authority.

This supplementary drivers liscence is only valid for one year and cannot be used without the original liscence. It also looks exactly the same today as it has always done.

In the present case it yeilds several important pieces of information, full name, place and date of birth and where the liscence was optained which is in the city where the owner lived at the time. Hence Olav Kirk moved from Roskilde at some point to live in Gentofte just outside Copenhagen.

Having the full name and middle name of an ancestor is a very important piece of information as this is often confused on official documents and you may find your ancestor listed under his middle name instead.

  • Drivers license inside.

  • International Drivers License, Cover.

  • International Drivers License, inside.