Dynes Peder Pedersen

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Dynes Peder Pedersen.

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In Service to Country - New and Old

Dynes Peder Pedersen was born in 1857. When he came of military age he served the then-obligatory 18 months. When a wealthy man wanted his son to stay at home, Dynes was paid to take his place for another 18 months. During his 3 years’ service between 1879 and 1882 Dynes served as a Royal Guard for King Christian IX. Shortly thereafter he decided to immigrate to New Zealand but, not having enough money for the fare for such a long journey, he instead left for America, his second choice, in April 1883. tHe arrived in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and later moved to near Exira, where he died in 1930. In this country he was known as Dines Peter Petersen. 

  • Photograph courtesy of Kathryn Hansen.

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