Egil S. Povelsen and Lisbeth Heede -- 50+ years

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Egil S. Povelsen and Lisbeth Heede -- 50+ years.

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Egil and Lisbeth were married on September 26, 1941 in Davidskirke in Copenhagen. They immigrated to the US in 1947, settling in Santa Rosa, California. ~~ In Denmark it is customary for the house of a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary to be decorated with an arch of greenery interweaved with flowers and lights. When Egil and Lisbeth celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1991 in Decorah, Iowa, family and friends decorated their house in a similar fashion and also created the shield with their intertwined initials seen in the photograph. Family and friends came by in the morning to serenade them while they stood under the festbue or festive arch, and of course expected to be invited in for coffee and cake.