Five Generations of Mikkelsen Women

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The Mikkelsen Women

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G is for Generations

This photograph, taken around 1922, shows five generations of women in a direct line, the oldest two of whom were immigrants.
  1. Kathrine Marie (Petersen) Mikkelsen was born in 1828 in Adserballe parish on the island of Als in Sønderborg County and lived to be 100 years of age. Her daughter,
  2. Catherine Mikkelsen Christensen (1855-1925) was also born on Als. Her daughter,
  3. Dora Christensen Bonnesen (1880-1946) was born in Marne, Iowa. Her daughter,
  4. Clara Marie Bonnesen Rubel (1901-1986) was born in Audubon County, as was her daughter:
  5. LaVonne Elaine Rubel (1922-1924).

  • Photograph courtesy of Robert K. Rubel.