Hans Blidegn

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Hans Alfred Hansen Blidegn.


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In Service to Country - New and Old

Hans Alfred Hansen Blidegn was born in Vamdrup, in Ribe County. Tall and blue-eyed, Hans Alfred joined the Army from Ida County, Iowa at the age of 23. His discharge papers from Camp Dodge, Iowa, shown here, give details of his military service. Following his service, he registered his discharge with the Ida County Recorder. Given the frequency of house fires and other disasters, from the Civil War on all veterans were urged to register their military discharges immediately with the local authorities to protect their rights to pensions and other benefits. Many WWI military service records were destroyed by fire in the mid-20th century and these registered discharges were often the veterans’ only proof of service.

  • Photograph courtesy of Freda Noll.

  • Image courtesy of Freda Noll.