Hans Christian Jorgensen and Rosa Charlotte Johanna Schultz -- 61 years

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Hans Christian Jorgensen and Rosa Charlotte Johanna Schultz -- 61 years.

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Hans Christian and Rosa became acquainted at a young people’s meeting held at the Missions Hus (Mission House of the Inner Mission movement within the Lutheran church) in Verninge parish on the island of Funen. When they courted he would walk her home before going on to his own house. Rosa said she had a hard time keeping up with HC’s long steps; he was 6’ tall and she only about 5’ 3’. They became engaged on August 17, 1901. Back then it was customary for engaged couples to wear their gold rings on their right hand and then transfer the rings to their left hand when they married. This occurred on a beautiful summer day in 1904 in the Verninge church. They arrived in a handsome carriage with HC in a long black morning coat, white tie and gloves, and a tall silk hat. Rosa was dressed in a practical black wool dress and wore a long white veil that was edged with wisps of myrtle (which was considered a sign of fertility). Neighbors had strewn fresh flowers on the road as they approached in the carriage. A dinner and festivities were held afterwards at HC’s parents’ home. The festivities lasted so far into the night that Rosa fell asleep with her head on her husband’s shoulder. Hans Christian gave Rosa a silver cross to wear on her wedding dress. The cross has now been worn by 14 brides spanning four family generations. ~~ Along with two young daughters, HC and Rosa arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 13, 1910. They lived there for a while and then moved to Hampton, Nebraska, where they rented a farm. In time they purchased a farm close to Sidney, Montana, where they lived until 1920. By that time they had 4 daughters: Edna, Ruth, Lilly and Agnes. Selling their farm, the family made a trip to Denmark. Upon their return, they settled in the Easton and Selma area of central California. Three of their daughters married sons of Danish immigrants, and two of these couples were married for 58 and 66 years, respectively. Rosa’s death in 1965 brought an end to over six decades of married life.