Hans Lauritz and Sophie Marie Christensen

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Hans Lauritz and Sophie Marie Christensen.

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This photograph, taken on a Sunday afternoon in 1918, shows the family of Hans Lauritz and Sophie Marie (Petersen) Christensen, who immigrated from Odense County, in the yard of their farm a few miles west of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Married in 1909, Hans and Sophie purchased the farm in March of 1914. It stayed in the possession of the Christensen family until 1937, when the Great Depression resulted in its ownership reverting back to a bank. The photograph was taken by Hans’ uncle, Nels Nelson, an amateur photographer. Shown from left to right: Hans and Stine Nelson; George and Dagmar Petersen; Ferdinand Larsen, a family friend visiting from Denmark; Hans L. Christensen; Sophie Petersen Christensen; Arnold Christensen (held by Sophie); grandmother Sina Bertha Petersen; Ervin Petersen (son of Julius and Dagmar Petersen); Lester Petersen (son of George and Dagmar Petersen); Julia Nelson (daughter of Hans and Stine Nelson); Elmer and Bernard Petersen (sons of George and Dagmar Petersen); Sena Christensen; Harold Nelson (son of Hans and Stina Nelson); Mabel Christensen; Agnes Christensen; Alma Christensen; Dagmar Petersen; Arthur Petersen (held by Dagmar); and Julius Petersen.  

  • The Petersens family farm. Photograph courtesy of Robert J. Assink.