Henning "Palle" Jakobsen, confirmed in Bandholm Kirke, Lolland, Denmark, 1960

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Henning "Palle" Jakobsen, confirmed in Bandholm Kirke, Lolland, Denmark, 1960.

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Confirmation: Coming of Age in Denmark and the US

Confirmation Memory

I was confirmed in Bandholm church on the island of Lolland on March 20, 1960. We all were gathered in the church entry and walked into the church as a group with the pastor, sitting on chairs at the end of the pews where our families sat. After the sermon we were called up to the altar, where we stood, kneeling one by one as the pastor came and placed his hands on us. After this ceremony we returned to our chairs.

Afterwards we drove home and held a party with the family. We had cleared out one of the bedrooms. My father gave a speech and my uncle also said a few words. We got good food and had a nice time. The party lasted from 1 pm to around 9 pm. This was late for the family members who had come from Copenhagen, so they spent the night in various places in the area.

I remember the food being good. I can’t recall what we had as a first course, but we had roast pork as a main dish and lemon chiffon pudding for dessert.

There was no music at the party – that wasn’t the custom at the time. But when we had coffee and cake my brother played some music on his phonograph.

I received confirmation gifts but I can’t recall any other than that I got between 500 and 600 kroner. I used some of the money for a new bicycle with gears, which I purchased from the local co-op in Reersnæs. From my workplace, which was a saw-works, I got a small figure of a man standing with a barrel into which pencils or cigarettes could be put. (courtesy of Henning “Palle” Jakobsen, Maribo, Denmark & son, Jesper Jacobsen, pro tem Elk Horn IA)