Henry Peter Jensen and Clara Margaret Nelson -- 60 years

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Henry Peter Jensen and Clara Margaret Nelson -- 60 years.

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Henry and Clara were born in Lincoln County, Kansas, in 1896 and 1897, respectively. Both were the children of Danish immigrants who came in 1887. Henry´s parents were Martin and Ane Cathrine (Johansen) Jensen. Clara´s parents were Andreas and Karen Nielsen, from Ribe County. Henry and Clara were married on June 18, 1919, in Denmark, Kansas. Their wedding attendants, framing the newly-weds in this picture, were Clara´s brother Hans and Henry´s sister, Mary. Henry and Clara farmed for many years near their hometown, rearing 7 children before they retired to Lincoln, Kansas. They celebrated six decades of marriage prior to Clara´s death in 1980. ~~ Two years after their wedding their attendants were also wed.

  • Photograph courtesy of Nancy Cohen, Persia IA.

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