Holm Family

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Carl Christian Emil Holm and Ida Jessen.

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G is for Generations

Carl Holm was born in a parsonage in Tostrup parish, Viborg Co. in northern Jutland in 1852. He immigrated to California in 1873 and settled in the Livermore Valley, in the area then known as “little Copenhagen.” There he met and married Ida Jessen, the daughter of early Danish immigrants to California. In this picture taken at “Fair View,” the Holm family farm, in 1917 or ’18, Carl and Ida Holm are in the back row on the right. To their right are Carl Jorgensen, holding Phyllis Jorgensen, and Sophie Jorgensen Holm; in front of Carl is Phyllis’ brother, Stanley. Warner Holm is kneeling next to Dorothy Holm and Velma Holm. Kneeling in the 2nd row are Art Holm and Bill Brown, who had married Bertha Holm. Kneeling at the far right in front is Leslie Holm, proud in his U.S. Army uniform.

  • Photograph courtesy of Nancy Calhoun.