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Indtegningsbevis for Carl Schultz, 1920.

94.209.011- Gift of Mrs. Kamma Nilsen.

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The lægdsrulle or area roll was the official record of all young men in a certain district eligible for military service. From 1788-1849 all male children were registered in the lægdsrulle from the day of birth.

From 1849-1869 the age was raised to 14/15 years, and from 1869 on it was raised to 18.

Once inscribed on a lægdsrulle the young man was obligated to report to the local authorities when he wanted to move as he then had to transfer to another lægdsrulle and would be eligible for military service in another area.

When Carl Shultz became a Danish citizen he was already a grown man (discussed elsewhere in certificate of citizenship) and was therefore registered in his local lægdsrulle immediately. This is a certificate to state that he had been inscribed on the roll and could therefore be called up for military service.

Not only does the document state his name and date of birth, it also includes his father's name and occupation as Merchant Jens Schultz.