Jens Kelgor

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Jens Kelgor.

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A Smorgasbord of Danish Immigrants

Jens Peter Martin Kjeldgaard (Kelgor) was born in Bonderup in Hjørring County, in 1868, and came to America with his parents in 1885. On July 29, 1909, he formally changed his surname from ‘Kjeldgaard’ to ‘Kelgor.’ He lived in Kimballton later in life and is buried in the cemetery there. Here he is with his wife, Bergitta, and son, Woersaa P. Kelgor.

Caroline Bergitte Woersaa (1881-1947) was born in Hals, on the eastern coast of what was then Aalborg County. She immigrated to Exira in 1898, and married Jens Peter Martin Kjeldgaard in Audubon on Dec. 23, 1902. They later moved to Kimballton. They had two children, Woersaa and Olga. She is buried in the Kimballton Cemetery. 

  • Photograph courtesy of Jim Kelgor.

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