Jørgen Juncker-Jensen

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Jørgen Juncker-Jensen.

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In Service to Country - New and Old

Jørgen Juncker-Jensen left Copenhagen in November, 1925, 19 years of age, destination: ‘The Promised Land.’ After working for awhile in New York and New Jersey, he left for Argentina and then returned to Denmark, but in 1930 returned to the U.S. He had fallen seriously in love with the country at first sight but his restless itchy feet wouldn’t stay in one place, so the following years found him living and working in many places. The invasion of Denmark by the Germans in 1940left Jørgen stunned and angry. On March 22, 1941, he was notified that he was classified 1-A by the draft board, eligible for military duty, and that he should notify his employer. He was one of the very first individuals to be drafted since America was not yet in the war. Basic training and several assignments followed. In 1943 while stationed in South Carolina, the message came down that military personnel who were not citizens might henceforth be naturalized, if they so desired, without other formalities. Jørgen jumped at the opportunity. In the process his middle name was shortened to ‘J.’ He shipped out for overseas duty as a Signal Corps photographer and was assigned to the 15th Army HQ in Belgium. This picture, taken with his ‘closest friend,’ is from around this time. During most of his service, Jørgen’s neck was adorned with still and motion picture cameras as he followed the action around Europe.

  • Photograph from Facts & Episodes.

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