Jørgen Knudsen and Marie Margrethe Eriksen -- 57 years

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Jørgen Knudsen and Marie Margrethe Eriksen -- 57 years.

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Jørgen and Marie were married on September 20, 1907, in Almsted, on the island of Als in what is now Sønderborg County, but then was governed by Germany. Jørgen was a mason and carpenter. Prior to their marriage, Marie had helped first her parents on their farm until they passed away, and then worked for a sister, so she was used to many kinds of farm work. When the couple emigrated in 1913 they had 4 children, Kathryn, Peter, George and Chris, and Marie was pregnant with Henry. A rough week was spent at sea on board the S/S Grant before they arrived in New York City on December 24th. Although it was Christmas Eve, they were not allowed to disembark at Ellis Island until after the holidays. Finally clearing immigration formalities, they headed west by train to Jacksonville, Iowa. En route Marie was kept busy tending to the children, who had all come down with measles. Jørgen’s half-brother, Christian, already lived in the Jacksonville area and had arranged for a place for the family to stay. Here Henry and Walter were born. After a few years the family moved to a farm near Redline, Iowa, where twins, Harold and Martha, joined the family. In 1937, after years of renting farms, they bought an acreage just south of Jacksonville. ~~ Marie always kept the cookie jar filled with oatmeal cookies for grandkids and other visitors. When her health failed, she and Jørgen moved to the Salem Lutheran Home. Marie passed away there in 1964; Jørgen in 1969.

  • Photograph courtesy of grandson Garey Knudsen, Hutchinson MN.

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