Kurt Klarskov Larsen

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Kurt Klarskov Larsen.

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In Service to Country - New and Old

Kurt Klarskov Larsen was born in 1929 in a small town in Sorø County in western Zealand. A young teenager during World War II, he experienced the rationing, curfews, and other restrictions imposed by the Germans. In 1950 he was called up for a year of “putting on the King’s clothes,” which was later extended to 18 months. After basic training, he was assigned to be a truck driver while practicing the duties assigned to his unit, the Royal Life Guards. When his first duty day came, however, instead of marching through the streets of Copenhagen with a bearskin hat, Kurt was assigned the job of being “the Queen’s ordinance.” His duty consisted of standing outside the Queen’s audience room for a day and saluting anyone who entered or left. After Corporal school he was given an opportunity to train as an MP, which involved a lot of physical activity. He and his fellow MPs were given new Danish “Nimbus” motorbikes to patrol the German-Danish border. Following his military service Kurt decided to go to Canada “for just 18 months” with his friend John. Here he learned Canadian business ropes by working various jobs, had an abundance of good times, met and married a Scottish immigrant, and took the plunge to start his own firm. This evolved into “Blue Giant,” an international company in the materials handling field. Today, now an American citizen, Kurt spends most of his time at his home in Alabama.

  • Photograph from “My Dash ---“, October 25, 1929--???

  • Photograph from “My Dash ---“, October 25, 1929--???

  • Photograph from “My Dash ---“, October 25, 1929--???

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