Lild Strand (Thisted Co.)

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Lild Strand.

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There's No Place Like Home

This modest building in Lild Strand, near Klim (Thisted County) in northwestern Jutland, now used as a barn, was the birthplace of Mads Larsen Bollesen in 1864. In the spring of 1888 Mads and the brother of his future wife, Karen Maria Uth, left for Rock County, Minnesota. Karen joined them later that year.

Mads and Karen were married in 1890 and two years later moved to Lincoln County, where a Danish colony was being established around Tyler. The Bollesens established a farm, which they called “Solside” (Sunnyside) – shown in the picture ca. 1897 -- even though the land was not the best for agriculture. In early years they suffered hail storms and drought, but were supported by a strong community of other immigrants.