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Medical examination of Olav Kirk,April 6th, 1949.

2008.037.013 - Gift of Leora Kirk

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While medical examinations were done at Ellis Island in earlier times as mention elsewhere in this category it later became possible to have the medical examination before leaving. In this case Olav Kirk was examined at the Serum Institute of the State in Copenhagen and was found to be free of tuberculosis.

The medical examination still looked for both physical and mental diseases and anything that might be considered a disability.

Statens Serum Institut or the Serum Institute of the State has functioned as a center for the prevention of infectious diseases since 1902 and is still where most people go to receive vaccinations before traveling to exotic destinations.

The medical examination certificate is useful in finding the exact date of immigration of an ancestor as the examination was usually performed shortly before leaving as well as age and possible middle names that could help you on your search for a ships manifest.