Mildred Sand Sullivan

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Mildred (Sand) Sullivan (1924-1999)

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Mildred was born in Rindum, Ringkøbing County on February 18, 1924, after her parents, Anders and Petrea Sand, had returned to Denmark from America, intending to stay. But fate intervened, and at the tender age of 15 months she herself became an immigrant when she and her pregnant mother followed Anders back to the U.S. to take over a farm they owned in Iowa. She attended Mt. Zion School near Poplar and Audubon High School. Later she worked at Midwest Life Insurance Company in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she met her future husband, airman Don Sullivan. Following her marriage to Don in Harlan in 1959, Mildred lived in Colorado. They had two children, Renee Lynn and Randall Scott. After several moves with the Air Force they retired to Aurora, Colorado, where Mildred died. She is buried at the military cemetery in Denver.

Here they are shown in the back row with their children and grandchildren: Daryl Kerry, Natalie Sullivan, Randy Sullivan (2nd row from back); Brandi Kerr, Renee Kerr, Jennifer Sullivan, and Breanna Sullivan (2nd row from front); Chelsea Kerr, Noelle Kerr and Ryan Sullivan (front). 

  • Photograph courtesy of Kenneth Sand.

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