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Indkaldelsesordre (Draft Letter) of Christen Jensen, July 21, 1900.

90.79.5 - Gift of Alvin & Edel Petersen, Licoln, Nebraska.

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From 1869 on all Danish males were elligeble to be drafted unless declared unfit by reason of health.

When drafted in peace time they would receive a letter from the local military draft facility which would order them to bring the letter with them and present themselves at a certain time and place to begin their military service.

On the occasion of the two world wars draft notices were posted everywhere summoning all men of elligeble age and health and no individual draft letters were sent.

Today this is replaced with a Defence Day which is held some 5 times a year. A letter is sent to all men on their 18th birthday summoning them to Defence Day where they are given a health inspection and must draw a number. If the number is high they do not have to serve in the military. If the number is low they are given the option of choosing among several types of service.

Today all women are sent a similar letter on their 18th birthday informing them of the posibility of military service though they are not required to attend Defence Day.

A military draft letter provides information about the lægdsrulle or area roll of the draftee and the number. This gives you an area where your ancestor lived and of course information about where and when he served in the military. The military rolls have a corresponding entry and may yeild more information.

When emigrating to America it was important that young men report that fact to their lægdsrulle or area roll as they might be drafted while away and failure to show up for the draft could mean a prison sentence.