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Poul Christian Larsen.

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Poul (1843-1930) immigrated from Thisted to Iowa prior to 1868. He married Caroline Petersen in Illinois and lived briefly in Black Hawk County, Iowa, prior to heading west and homesteading in Adams County, Nebraska. They had one son and a bevy of daughters. This 1925 photograph shows Poul and some of his children and grandchildren. Front row: “Dog,” Harvard Hull, Vaughn Larsen, Pansy Larsen, Lela Hull, and Irene Fernow. Back row: Nora Fernow, Nellie Larsen, Horace Larsen, Jennie Carson, Caroline Hull, Anna Howard, Virginia Barnds, Carrie Strode and Poul Christian Larsen (with beard).

  • Photograph courtesy of Nancy J. Walden.

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