Rasmus Johansen and Ane Elisabeth Pedersen -- 51 years

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Rasmus Johansen and Ane Elisabeth Pedersen -- 51 years.

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Our oldest couple in this exhibit are Rasmus and Ane Elisabeth Johansen. This family photo taken in 1906 shows the old couple and their descendants at the time. Born in Skanderborg County – Rasmus in Grædstrup parish in 1828 and Ane Elisabeth in the neighboring parish of Nørre Snede in 1836 -- the couple were married in Ejstrup parish on March 25, 1855. They immigrated to Denmark, Kansas, in 1880. The couple had 12 children, 4 of whom died as infants. At the time this photograph was taken there Rasmus and Ane Elisabeth had been married for 51 years. Those pictured here bear the surnames Wilbeck, Herman, Johansen and Jensen – names still present in Lincoln County, Kansas to this day.