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Resistance Id Card and Gun Permit.

98.33.2Donor Ib Falk Jørgensen

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During the occupation of Denmark from 1940 to 1945 many people joined the resistance. There were several resistance groups but among the most prominent were Frit Danmark and Holger Danske which was named for the legendary Danish viking warrior said to be sleeping until the day Denmark needs him.

After the war all resistance fighters were offered the opportunity to keep the weapons they had used during the war if they visited the newly reformed policeforce and were issued with an ID and weapons permit. The secrecy of the groups and general atmosphere of mistrust meant that not everyone took advantage of this opportunity and did not reveal themselves as resistance fighters for many years, others as in the above case of Ib Falk Jørgensen accepted the ID card.

This ID card identifies the bearer as a member of the Holger Danske group and BOPA (another resistance group) and entitles him to carry one pistol and one Karabin rifle.

Such ID cards are useful tools in genealogical research as they contain adress, education and activity during the war. Several groups and Museums in Denmark particularly The Freedom Museum in Copenhagen are dedicated to preserving information about the Danish resistance and may be helpful in finding further information.

  • A resistance ID and Gun permit issued May 31st, 1945.

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