Sigrid Bro

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1st Lt. Sigrid Bro.

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In Service to Country - New and Old

1st Lt. Sigrid Bro was one of seven Bro siblings who served in the military over the years. She was a senior in college, studying nursing and sitting in nurses’ quarters in an Omaha Hospital when she heard the news about Pearl Harbor. Her then boyfriend was shipped out to the Philippines shortly thereafter and they corresponded, making plans about their future life. That dream ended when she received word that he had died on the Bataan Death March.

After graduating Sigrid and a friend decided to join up, and were sent to Ft. Warren in Cheyenne, Wyoming. After ten months there, she was transferred to Texas to a hospital where returning South Pacific veterans could recover from malaria. From there she went overseas with the 40th General Group on board the Queen Elizabeth, which had been converted into a troop carrier. She was initially stationed in a Quonset hut hospital in Cirencester, England, and then transferred to France after D-Day, where a converted hospital outside Paris was used for work and the city itself was available for play. Sigrid’s father then became seriously ill and she received an early discharge. After his funeral, Sigrid joined up again and served in San Antonio, Texas until V-J Day. Later she married her second wartime sweetheart, Ed Crovo.