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The soldiers book of C.J. Iversen, 1910

2008-117 - Gift ofGrace Johnson.

The soldiers book of Peter Marinus Grimsted Sand.

2006-68b - Gift of Harry Sand.

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The soldiers books were persnal items given to each enlisted man. If he moved from one lægd or military area to another this would be recorded in his soldiers book. Upon emigrating from Denmark it was important that an adult man report this to his lægd as he could otherwise risk imprisonment if he ever returned. If you have the information from a soldier's book you may find additional information in the military levy rolls.

Each adult male elligeble for military service, from 1701 onwards, was inscribed in Lægdsruller or Military Levy Rolls. (A lægd was a military service area). In these you can find information on the individual soldier, his military service and his various postings. Until 1849 only sons of the farming class was eligible for conscription. You will find them in the rolls from birth to mid-forties. From 1829 sons of millers and tavern keepers etc. were now also considered of the farming class. From 1849/1850 all men of Denmark were eligible for the draft, however, in 1912 ordained ministers and teachers were exempted. Also only males over the age of 14 were now inscribed in the rolls.

From 1869 the age of inscription in the levy rolls became 17.

Conscription or Lægdsrullen consisted of several parts. The main roll which was only updated every three years. This list shows father’s name, birth place, current residence and other, miscellaneous information. Tilgangsrullen or the addition roll which was a register of all those who had become elligeble for the draft in any given year, that is all those who reached draft age within that year or moved into the area or lægd from somewhere else. The lists involved the rural areas of the country, and are organized by district, which uses the same jurisdictions as the parishes. Eventually the lægdsrulle was replaced with session cards for the individual draftee.

  • The first page of the book for Carl Jensen.

  • The records page

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  • Personal records