Soren Damsgaard Rodholm and Marie Kjølhede

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Soren Damsgaard Rodholm and Marie Kjølhede. 

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Soren Damsgaard Rodholm and Marie Kjølhede were married on November 17, 1901. Marie and Soren were both students at Grand View College and met in Latin class in 1898. Marie’s father, Peder Kjølhede, pastor of Nain Church in Newell, Iowa, was unhappy when the couple became engaged in December of 1899. He forbade Soren to come to Newell, but the young couple ignored the edict and Soren visited when Marie’s father was away at a church convention. Marie’s mother died in February 1901 and Peder became reconciled to his daughter’s choice. He decided it would be best for the couple to marry on the day the renovated church in Newell was rededicated. On that day Marie had to play for the dedication services in the morning; she and Soren were married at 4pm. One of her bridesmaids fainted during the ceremony and had to be carried out of the church. Marie's dress was partly made by her mother, and is now in the possession of a granddaughter, Alis Mortensen Olsen. It was not used by later brides due to its 18-inch waistline. The second photograph shows granddaughter Dagmar Marie Telfer playing dress-up in the dress during a visit to her grandparents in 1949.

  • Photograph courtesy of Dagmar Marie Muthamia.

  • Photograph courtesy of Dagmar Marie Muthamia.

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