Sune Schønnemann, Denmark

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Sune Schønnemann, Denmark.

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Confirmation: Coming of Age in Denmark and the US

"Confirmation" Memory

“Personally, I chose not to get my confirmation because I didn’t believe in God. I also told my parents that under no circumstances would I accept any form of festivities that could remind [me] of a non-firmation. I thought then, and still do, that being ‘non-firmed’ is disrespectful to those who are in fact religious. Being only 13 years old and having such an adult view of things, my parents decided to surprise me with a brand-new TV for my room even though I initially declined. My mom actually had to convince a 13-year-old boy that he should accept the offer! ~~ I only remember one or two others from my class not being confirmed. Today it’s mostly about presents, having a party, and having “blå mandag” (Blue Monday). Kids today skip school in the first Monday after their confirmation and most often go shopping with a part of the money they got as gifts. It’s a modern way of “coming of age”: that your parents trust you enough to handle your own money.” (Sune Schønnemann, Facebook 2013)

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