The Christoffersen Children

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The Christoffersen Children.

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Immigrant Babes

Ethel (born in 1910) and Clarice “Sissy” Christoffersen (1913), daughters of Lars & Anna Christoffersen, who emigrated from the villages of Magleby and Keldbylille on the island of Møn in 1883 and 1892, respectively, eventually settling in the Hamlin-Exira area. This photo was taken in 1915 after Clarice had won the Healthy Baby prize (the dress she’s wearing) at the Audubon County Fair. A local newspaper photographer wanted to take a picture of Clarice wearing the dress, but she insisted that her sister also be in the photograph. Her father had to drive to their home in Hamlin to get Ethel’s best dress so she would also be presentable. That accomplished, Sissy also insisted that she be the one to sit rather than standing to show off the dress. That feistiness characterized her throughout her childhood and as an adult.