The Sand Children

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Anders and Petrea Sand.

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Anders and Petrea Sand came to America from Rindum parish in Ringkøbing County in 1925. They had eight children.

This photograph of Douglas Township school #9 (Mt. Zion School), located 4 miles north of Kimballton was taken during the 1937-38 school year. Of the eleven children shown, seven were the children of Anders & Petrea! Second from the left is Ejnar Sand (age 7), 5th from the left, Harold Sand (age 12), 5th from the right, Ruth Sand (age 11), Leroy Sand (age 8), Evald Sand (age 9), and twins Elsie and Eleanor Sand (age 5).

Mildred came as a small child with her parents, Anders & Petrea (Pedersen) Sand from Rindum parish in Ringkøbing County in 1925, and lived in Colorado following her marriage. After the family had settled in Iowa a photograph was taken of Mildred and the first children born in America.

Here we see Mildred Sand (born 1924) Harold Sand(1925) and Ruth (1926), children of Anders and Petrea Sand. 

  • The school. Photograph courtesy of Kenneth Sand.

  • Mildred and her children. Photograph courtesy of Esther J. Sand-Henderson.

  • Mildred, Harold and Ruth. Photograph courtesy of Esther Sand Henderson.

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