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Westbound ticket.

1948 2004.107.009 - Gift of Beverly Ertmann, in memory of John Ertmann.

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Jørgen Pedersen traveled from Copenhagen to New York in 1948 on the Gdynia-America Line line, based in Poland. The Gdynia line in 1948 advertised that they made the trip in only eight days, rather than the 10 days or so from Scandinavian or western European ports. Beginning around 1960, most immigrants came to America by air, again making the immigrant journey much shorter and easier. The passenger list available from Ancestry.com contains more information. Among other things we learn that Jørgen's middle name is Johannes and that he was an automechanic. His birthdate and the name and adress of his mother and brother are also listed. Also we learn that he arrived on the 19th of March 1948 so the ship made good time.

  • GDynia Ticket for Jørgen Pedersen 1948.

  • The passenger list for Jørgen Petersen.