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Testamente (Will), of the sisters Johanne Kordtsen and Anna Jensen, November 2nd, 1879.

94.295.62 - Gift of Sandy Kuharich.

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This will was written by two sisters leaving all of their worldly possessions to the children of one of them. It mentions them all by name and married name and address, in this case it seems the children were scattered over large parts of the globe. It also mentions the profession the sisters had been in and details their worldly possessions. It is a veritable cornucopia of information.

It might be said that a will is the original tool of the genealogist. One of the earliest forms of records they yield information about heirs, children, siblings or other relatives. They also usually include an address and of course a list of possessions which can be used to determine the wealth and status of an individual. Some wills contain personal sentiments and most contain a date when issued which gives a date terminus ante quem of death of the individual.

All of this information makes a will one of the most valuable pieces of information a genealogist can find.

After the death of an individual the will, if any, is entered into the Skiftebog and the estate is divided up according to the will after inheritance tax is paid.

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