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    Amalie's Story


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    Amalie's Story Description:

    "At this point in the story, Karsten's voice would shift to a hushed minor. " but there was one thing they did not have - something dearer than comfort or gold - a child of their own." I would sit straighter on his lap, knowing that my part in the tale was coming."

    So begins Amalie's Story, the tale of a young girl growing up in the picturesque surroundings of 19th-century Denmark, knowing that she does not belong to the people she calls her parents. Through the years of her childhood in the big, sunny house at Dovedale - somehow always aware of a strangely familiar voice in her dreams - Amalie comes to question the well-loved story of her adoption. And finally she is obsessed with the need to know the reason why her real mother abandoned her. 

    Even when she is swept off her feet by the fascinating young nobleman she marries, she is troubled by the mystery - and even the joys of love cannot entirely erase the shock when at last she discovers the truth, so long held secret. 

    It is only much later, when Amalie is torn from her beloved homeland to follow her restless, romantic husband across the sea - to the vast beauty of America, the "land where it rains lemonade" - that she comes to understand her mother's motives, and to gain insight into her own nature as well. 

     Moving through the old and new worlds which author Julie McDonald creates with wonderful immediacy, Amalie's Story will charm the reader with its warm and loving picture of the unexpected sorrows and pleasures of life. Historical Fiction, Hardcover, 246 pgs.