• Elim Children's Home

    Elim Children's Home



    Elim Children's Home Description:

    By Marilyn Booth Juhl

    The Museum of Danish America recently purchased the property that is the site of the former Elim Children’s Home in Elk Horn. Learn the history of the home through this volume featuring first-hand accounts and photographs. The home was established by the United Danish Evangelical Church in America in 1890 and closed in 1961.
    Marilyn Booth Juhl, who lived in the home from 1942-1949, tells the story of the Elim Family and what it was like for her and the approximately 300 other children who called Elim “home” during those 71 years.


    • Coming to Elim
    • Elim Children's Home
    • Work and Play
    • School and Church
    • Elim Christmases
    • The Home Closes
    • Elim Home Kids Gather for Reunions
    • Palma and Margaret


    • A- Elim Residents, 1890-1961
    • B- Chronology
    • C- House Plans
    • D- Documents Pertaining to Elim
    • E- Bibliography

    100 pages, paperback. 8.5" x 11"