• ScandiKitchen: The Essence of Hygge

    ScandiKitchen: The Essence of Hygge


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    ScandiKitchen: The Essence of Hygge Description:

    Discover the essence of hygge as revealed by Bronte Aurell, Danish owner of London's ScandiKitchen in this honest and thoughtful guide, which also features some of her favorite recipes to help you enjoy a "hyggelig" time. Hygge is in the zeitgeist, but what is it, how do we bring hygge in our lives and why are we so captivated with this Danish word? According to Bronte it is really not complicated and doesn't involve spending vast amounts of money on candles or blankets - in its purest form it is simply about appreciating life. Explained in 12 entertaining chapters interspersed with recipes, you will learn first about the origins of the word hygge (old Norse) and then how to embrace it with several essays.