• Wood Works by The Danish String Quartet, Vinyl

    Wood Works by The Danish String Quartet, Vinyl


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    Wood Works by The Danish String Quartet, Vinyl Description:

    "Folk music is the music of everywhere and everyone. Like rivers, the melodies and dances have flowed slowly from region to region: Whenever an old fiddler stumbled on a melody, he would play it and make it his own before passing it on. You don't own a folk tune, you simply borrow it for a while. On this recording we have borrowed and arranged a selection of our favorite Nordic folk tunes and let the music flow through the wooden instruments of the string quartet."

    The Danish String Quartet's passion for traditional Scandinavian folk music is just as striking as the quartet's prize-winning interpretations of the classical repertoire. On this release, the four Danish strings present their favorite tunes from the Nordic folk music - including the 400 years old bridal piece from Fanoe Island, that has reached more than 50,000 views on Vimeo and YouTube.

    This recording includes several of the folk tunes which are featured on the documentary "The Simple Gift of Walnut Grove: Walter Hansen Remembers his Father Hans Hansen, 1876-1953" which plays in the Museum of Danish America's Multimedia Room.

    180 gram Vinyl.