• Delsbo Kanal Candles - 8 Inches - White

    Delsbo Kanal Candles - 8 Inches - White


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    Delsbo Kanal Candles - 8 Inches - White Description:

    The stearin candles of Delsbo are made in Sweden and consist only of stearin, which is a 100% renewable resource made from different grease. When you burn these candles you don't contribute to the greenhouse effect, as with oil based paraffin candles. 

    The affect on the environment during production in the factory is non-existent. We transport the liquid stearin in trucks to the factory from the producer. Thereby we have removed the enviromental impact it would need to first cool down the raw material before transport and then heat it up from manufacturing. 

    Delsbo Kanal candles do not drip, nor do they carbonize or bend in strong sunlight. 

    8 Count