• Chic Rustique Guinea Hen Grey/Yellow

    Chic Rustique Guinea Hen Grey/Yellow


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    Chic Rustique Guinea Hen Grey/Yellow Description:

    Guinea Hens have round bodies and tiny heads, they make a lot of noise and are usually found on farms. Heidi, a potter in Provence, was fascinated by the guinea hens abstract shape began to create them in clay. Heidi would sit in the garden with her son Adrian, and paint the hens bringing them to life with her artist's eye.The forms are timeless and serene. The glazing, colors and decorations are subtle and lovely! Today the Caillard Guinea Hens are quite famous all over the world. Heidi's son, Adrian, who became a well known potter as well, continues to create these fanciful birds and to this day Heidi is still a big part of the creative process. Handcrafted from clay and glazed by artisans in France. Please note: Due to the handmade nature of these ceramics, there may be slight variations in pattern and/or color tone. Small - 6.5" x 6.5" Height: 4.5"

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