• Ekelund Sma Hjarta Throw

    Ekelund Sma Hjarta Throw


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    Ekelund Sma Hjarta Throw Description:


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    Ekelund- the linen of kings, presidents, and emperors.

    This family of master weavers has been creating high quality, environmentally friendly textile gifts since 1692. With manufacturing based on site in Scandinavia, they retain full control of every phase of production, and are firmly committed to quality, sustainability and renewed tradition. So when these values combine with contemporary flair and a collection which reflects the times we live in, the result is a range of products which fit seamlessly into people’s everyday lives. Purchasing an Ekelund product is an investment in an authentic piece of Scandinavia which will provide joy and delight for you and your guests for years to come.

    This textile is woven using cotton and bamboo viscose yarn, which offers a warm, light and very soft plaid. The bamboo viscose has natural antibacterial properties which leaves it smelling fresh for longer. The growing of bamboo does not require chemicals or artificial watering making this an environmentally friendly product.

    50% cotton, 50% bamboo from certified forestry. 48" x 56", 120cm x 140cm