• Oda-mobiles, Nisse with Flag

    Oda-mobiles, Nisse with Flag


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    Oda-mobiles, Nisse with Flag Description:

    These handmade "Oda-mobiles" are successful because each has a story to tell, which the beholder can elaborate on in his own imagination. The paperklip mobiles are meticulously cut objects with a lot of amusing and cheerful details. The Christmas mobiles have miniatures of the folkloristic "nisse" figures with their red caps and brazen freckled faces, candles, and traditional Danish woven heart baskets. To be hung on the Christmas tree, in the window or any other location that needs a touch of Denmark. Handmade in Denmark by Oda Wiebrecht. Set of 2. Approx. 1.25" x 2" each.