• Charley Harper: Spot the Birds, Board Game

    Charley Harper: Spot the Birds, Board Game



    Charley Harper: Spot the Birds, Board Game Description:

    Grab your binoculars and keep an eagle eye to the sky with Charley Harper’s Spot the Birds. It’ll be a hoot! Peregrinate through the board’s five habitats—the Backyard, the Desert, the Woodland, the Wetland, and the Shores—and track each bird you spot by collecting the tokens for each space you land on and placing the token on your birder's journal. Roll the die to see how many spaces you move along the outer loop (the habitat loop).

    Along the way, you’ll discover how to be a good bird steward. But watch out—you’ll need to dodge storms, avoid falling in a river, and beware of birds that poop on your head (it happens). All of these will negatively impact your turn, in some cases sending you backward or in other cases making you put a token back, and some will have a global impact on all players.

    The game has three different levels to play at, from standard to more difficult. Once you spot the required number of birds, which is determined at the beginning of the game, then the game becomes a race to the finish. Turn up one of the four trails to the Bird Sanctuary and be the first to reach the end and you’ll rule the roost!

    2–4 players, ages 6+
    Playing time 30–60 minutes