• Charles Viancin Banana Leaf Lid Square

    Charles Viancin Banana Leaf Lid Square



    Charles Viancin Banana Leaf Lid Square Description:

    The perfect blend of fun and functional, the CHARLES VIANCIN lids work effectively on a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials including: stainlesssteel, glass, plastic, ceramic, and even wood. Essentially, the silicone lid acts as a large suction cup which creates an airtight seal that insulatesboth hot and cold foods, deters pests, and preserves freshness and flavor. CHARLES VIANCIN's unique designs cover a range of dishes including: pots, pans,casserole dishes, and various kinds of bowls. The lids are incredibly durable. Made from BPA-free silicone, they are able to withstand extreme temperaturesranging from 220 degrees C / 428 degrees F to -40 degrees C / -40 degrees F. CHARLES VIANCIN lids help keep messes contained to your pots and pans andnot all over your kitchen counter. Done are the days of wasting plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Our lids can be used over and over again and are incrediblyeasy to clean. The silicone construction ensures that the lids are safe to use with most appliances including: ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers,and dishwashers. Easy to use, easy to store, CHARLES VIANCIN lids are designed with practicality and personality equally in mind.