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    Corkcicle One


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    Corkcicle One Description:

    Meet the next generation of cool. Forged out of stainless steel with our signature icicle look, Corkcicle.ONE includes a new pour through feature, as well as a state-of-the-art aerator that instantly expands the aromatic profile of your wine as you pour. Like its Corkcicle predecessor, Corkcicle.ONE cools down room-temp reds and maintains chilled whites at the perfect temperature. To use: Pour out an ounce of wine to make room for your Corkcicle.ONE. Then simply insert your frozen Corkcicle.ONE into a wine bottle to cool room-temp reds or maintain chilled whites. To refill wine glasses, lift up the silver cap, and simply pour from bottle to glass. Wine will instantly aerate as it pours. Comes in the pictured glass case for easy freezer storage.