Søren Kierkegaard: The Global Dane

This exhibit is no longer on display.

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As a theologian, philosopher and author, Kierkegaard (1813-1855) is one of the most influential figures of the 19th century, and his influence continues to be felt around the globe. This exhibition, prepared for the bicentennial of Kierkegaard's birth, explores his life and work. Whether a viewer is seeking a new introduction to Kierkegaard or renewing and old acquaintance, this exhibition encourages an understanding of both the man and his ideas. The English-language text is by Kierkegaard scholar Joakim Garff.

At the Museum of Danish America, the exhibit is enhanced by a display of books, both old and new, in several world languages. See volumes that influenced Kierkegaard's life in Copenhagen. View actual copies of his work published in his lifetime. Follow one of his publications as it evolved for new generations and in every corner of the globe. See a sampling of the many works about and inspired by Kierkegaard that continue his influence into the 21st century.

The exhibit is available to communities throughout the country. Schools, universities, libraries, churches and other organizations may host the exhibition. Contact Tova Brandt, Albert Ravenholt Curator of Danish-American Culture, to inquire about specific dates.