Place Your Name on a Paver

Jens Jensen Heritage Path

A unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression at the Museum of Danish America with an engraved paver. 

  • Honor the memory of loved ones
  • Recognize individual achievement
  • Celebrate an occasion
  • Recognize an individual, club or business
  • Give a special gift

12.02.2021  The pavers to have been installed in October 2021 have not yet been shipped to the museum from the engraving company.  An ingredient of the black epoxy glue has become difficult to get in the chain of supply and demand, and shipping. 
We continue to wait, and wait . . . . .     

Medium & Small pavers available for engraving!  

DEADLINE for next engraving:  MARCH 1, 2022   

Placement: Tivoli Fest, in Elk Horn, May 27-29, 2022 
                                  [supplier & weather permitting]

Paver Directory  -  Search for your paver by word or phrases (Ctrl-F) updated through JULY 2021 ; then view paver map directory for its approximate location in the Flag Plaza Courtyard.

Click here for order form
- an easy 'fillable' pdf form that can be printed or saved and emailed.


Small - $125


Medium - $250