Museum of Danish America Collections

As an accredited member of the American Alliance of Museums, the Museum of Danish America strives to uphold the highest professional standards in collections care.

We have collected artifacts and library materials since 1985, building a collection that currently numbers around 35,000. The collection includes artifacts of all shapes, sizes, and ages. If you are interested in learning more about our collections, here are a few suggestions:

  • Read the current Collections Management Policy for both the museum and the Genealogy & Education Center. These documents provide guidance and standards for all that we do in the Collections and Library Departments.
  • Call the museum or Genealogy & Education Center and ask to speak with staff about our collections.

Thank you to all of our donors for their continued support, both for the artifacts and other materials they share with us, and for the financial contributions that assist with the cost of preserving and sharing these invaluable pieces.

Accessing Artifacts

Online Access

The museum is responsible for making collections accessible to the public. This is typically accomplished through changing exhibitions, both in-house and at other venues, and through our Visual Storage area in the lower level of the main museum building. The public may also access collections online through “View Our Collection.” Watch a tutorial on how to utilize "View Our Collection" here. 

Physical Access

Anyone wishing to view a specific artifact at the museum must submit a request to the Curator of Collections at least five business days in advance of the requested visit date. If approval to view an artifact is granted, the piece will be prepared for viewing, and members or donors will be allowed to see it in person. Please be aware that physical access is at the discretion of the Curator. Visitors may also be required, during the visit, to follow specific guidelines intended for the protection of collections.

Photocopies, Digital Copies, and Other Reproductions and Uses

Many of the museum's collections, including those held at the Genealogy & Education Center, are available for reproduction in the form of photocopy, digital scan, or standard photography. Availability may be restricted and is dependent upon the stability of the material being requested and on copyright status. Please refer to Reproductions and Use Policy and Fees for more information.