We welcome large groups at the museum, including reunions, field trips, group outings, and more. 

Groups of 20 or more pay an admission price of $4 each, which gives entrance to the museum, Jens Dixen Homesteader’s Cabin, and Bedstemor’s House. One “comp” is given for groups of 20 or more; two “comps” for groups of 25 or more.

To best plan your group visit, please call the museum in advance at (712) 764-7001.

School Groups

The Museum of Danish America now offers several new options of educational cultural heritage experiences in art, social studies, language arts and science for all grade levels. We make learning fun while meeting education standards! While we have some educational packages pre-planned, we are also happy to work with you to customize your trip if you have a specific learning goal in mind.

Register for a Field Trip and Program

Visiting the museum is a fun and educational field trip! You can add enrichment to your trip with a hands-on learning program led by our museum staff. You are welcome to visit for an hour or make a day of it by combining multiple learning programs to extend your stay. Feel free to check out a virtual tour of the museum here to see some things we have:

Programs are typically offered Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 12:00pm during the school year, but arrangements can be made to include afternoon programming. If registering for more than one program, bundle discounts are available. Admission for teachers and chaperones is free. For more information or to plan your visit, please contact Alissa LaCanne, Youth and Community Educator, by email or phone (712) 764-7010.

School Year Offerings

Danish Immigration and History  Sept – May

Grades: 1 -12, Subject: Social Studies, Hours: 1, Cost: $2/student

This program will be tailored for all grade levels to include activities and experiences that explore Danish culture and immigration during the turn of the 20th century. Students will learn about the journey to America, the immigration experience at Ellis Island and will compare and contrast life in that time period to the present. Students will also hear the story of Jens Jensen and his journey to America in 1910 told through pictures, letters and artifacts from our immigrant trunk.

Bedstemor’s House and Genealogy & Education Center  Sept - May

Grades: 3-12, Subject: Social Studies and Language Arts, Hours: 1, Cost: $2/student

Journey through Bedstemor’s House, (Danish for grandmother), a 2-level historic 1908 home restored to its original period. Students will tour the home, learn the differences and similarities between past and present times and watch a 12-minute video which tells the story of the home’s builder, its history of residents, and the local efforts to restore the house.

The Genealogy and Education Center has one of the largest collections of materials on Danish immigrants in the US, including many rare and unique items. The Center is open to the public for family and local history research and has assisted many individuals in finding links to their past. Tours of the Genealogy and Education Center covers the wide variety of resources available as well as building amenities.

Seasonal Offerings

Joyce Tenneson’s Great Danes - Become a Portrait Detective! – Dec thru May

Grades: 1-12, Subject: Social Studies, Language Arts and Art, Hours: 1, Cost: $2/student

Students will search for and analyze clues found in Joyce Tenneson’s collection of 20 photographs, taken of Danes in all walks of life, to l


earn something new about the sitter. The participants will look closely at Tenneson’s collection of works while comparing and contrasting them to explore identity through the portraits with discussion, sketching and/or writing activities. In this lesson, they will look for:
What does the portrait reveal about the sitter
Does the portrait include any objects, and what information does that give you about them
Does the portrait contain any symbols, and if so, what do you think they represent
How did Tenneson depict people with a Danish background
How do the people in the portraits identify themselves and did they show their Danish heritage in any way
How did the Danish culture help form the identities of the people in the portraits

40 Years of Collecting – Dec thru May

Grades: 3-12, Subject: Social Studies, Language Arts and Art, Hours: 1, Cost: $2/student

The Museum of Danish America is celebrating 40 years! In the museum’s new 40 Years of Collecting exhibition, students have the opportunity to not only tour this temporary exhibition of highlighted objects, but also view items from museum storage where each student can choose an object to research and in turn write a story about its history and why they selected it.

Pre-K Story Time in the Galleries - 30 minute programs throughout the school year for our youngest visitors! Programs are $1 per student and include a short story and activities to go along with a current exhibition either indoors or outside depending on the time of year. Examples of activities include: Eye Spy, Playful Poses, LEGO play, Prairie Walks, Danish crafts and more!

Traveling Exhibits

Why not have one of our traveling exhibits visit your school?  For more information visit our Exhibits page or contact