We welcome large groups at the museums, including for reunions, school trips, group outings, and more. 

Groups of 20 or more pay an admission price of $4 each, which gives entrance to the museum, Jens Dixen Homesteader’s Cabin, and Bedstemor’s House. One “comp” is given for groups of 20 or more; two “comps” for groups of 25 or more.

There are several restaurants serving delicious meals in the community, and we’ll be happy to make reservations for your group.

To best plan your group visit, please call the museum in advance at 712.764.7001.

School Groups

The museum welcomes school groups of all ages. Educational programs are available with associated lesson plans for classroom use (see below for a list of topics and age ranges). Contact us today to plan your visit!


$1 per student (all ages)
Teachers and chaperones - Free
For more information, call 712-764-7001 or email info@danishmuseum.org

An Immigrant Story 1910

The story of a typical Danish immigrant, "Jens Nielsen," is told through pictures, letters and artifacts from our immigrant trunk. The children learn through interaction with the objects and by helping Jens Nielsen prepare for his journey across the Atlantic. Each segments of the program is complimented by questions that can either be answered by the teacher or by the students having prepared from home or having found the answer in the exhibit. After the program the children can look around the museum and select objects that they feel Jens Nielsen should have brought with him to America.

Activity Book

To supplement the trunk program the museum has developed an activity book, in collaboration with teachers and schools, designed to teach immigration in grades 4-5. The book contains a number of activities to be done individually or in class.

The book can be used in connection with a visit to the museum, but it can also be used independently.

The activity book is free to download, print and distribute among your students by clicking here. In return, the museum asks that you report to us the number of students who use the activity book.

Curriculum-based lesson plans

Lesson plans for use in conjunction with visits to the Museum of Danish America or the Danish Windmill in Elk Horn. Please call the Danish Windmill directly at 712-764-7472 for questions about classroom visits to the Windmill.

Where Does Our Food Come From? (K-3)

Immigration - Packing Your Trunk (6-8 grades)

Immigration - Push and Pull (6-8 grades)

Physical Science: Simple Machines (9th grade)

Development of these lesson plans was supported by a grant from Prairie Meadows through their Community Betterment program.

Traveling exhibits

Why not have one of our traveling exhibits visit your school?

For more information visit our Exhibits page or contact curator@danishmuseum.org.