The Museum of Danish America explores the Danish-American experience, the historic and modern influences of Denmark on the United States, and the continuing story of how a nation of immigrants shape American identity.


We are:

  • Inspirational: We honor the contributions of Danish-Americans to the complex fabric of American history and culture.
  • Innovative: We present visitors with experiences that challenge and enlighten. We experiment with new ways of engaging audiences locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Authentic: Using primary sources, we tell the story of Danish immigration in all its complexity, including success and failure, accomplishment and discouragement, longing for what was left behind and hope for a new life.
  • Visitor-centered: We educate and entertain visitors of all backgrounds and engage them in a dialogue about American identity through the lens of the Danish immigrant experience and the influences of modern Danish society and culture.
  • Promoting tolerance and respect: We build appreciation for the United States as a nation of immigrants, past and present.
  • Focused on preservation: We collect and preserve artifacts, documents, and stories for current and future education and scholarship.
  • Stewards: We focus on responsible management of human, financial, and facility resources, sustaining the museum and its mission for future generations.


  • To be the foremost Danish-American museum and cultural center in the nation.
  • To be a model for ethnic heritage museums in how to remain relevant in a changing world.
  • To be a showplace for Danish innovation and its importance to American progress.
  • To be engaging and relevant to people both with and without Danish ancestry.
  • To help visitors connect past Danish immigrants’ experience with the experience of today’s Danish and non-Danish immigrants to the United States.

    A summary of the museum's Strategic Plan 2024 - 2026 describes the goals and strategies through which the museum's mission, values, and vision are realized.